Setting the Site Field when Cloning Requests in Multi-Site Installations

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When users at a multi-site location clone a request the Site field information from the original request is transferred to the new request. By default, the dropdown options on the Site field are still available on the new request and can be changed by the user. Aeon can be configured to automatically copy the Site field value from the original request and prevent the user from modifying the Site field on the new request by removing all other options from the drop-down box. This is accomplished in Aeon by adding a script to the request web pages in order to add a Method to the utility.js file. This Method script should be included on any request web pages that need to support this functionality.

Note that the Site field is not included on web pages by default. If you want your sites to display on the request web pages you will need to add them using the code shown below, if you have not already done so. Remember to also add this code to the corresponding edit.html pages.

The utility.js file is included in the Web folder of default installations of the web interface. If it is not in the Web folder it can be found in the Update/Web/js folder and copied to the Web folder.

Editing the Request Forms to Set the Site Field in Cloned Requests

Edit the default.html web pages (or any web pages that need to support this functionality) by following the steps below.

  1. Add the Site fields to your request web pages.
  2. Add a Select element that is defined using all the options available for your Site field, as shown in this example:

    <label for="Site">
    	<span class="field">
    	<select id="Site" name="Site" size="1" class="f-name" tabindex="60">
    		<option value="CLE">Clearfield Campus</option>
    		<option value="MAIN" selected>Main Branch</option>
    		<option value="OFF">Offsite Storage</option>
    	</select><br />
  3. Edit the request web pages to retain the original Site field when cloning.
  4.  Add the following 5 lines of code into the header. This code is used to include a jquery library and the utility.js file and defines the script that initializes the Site Select element created above.

    <script src="">
    <script src="utility.js"></script>
    InitializeSiteDefault("<#PARAM name="Site">");


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