Editing Button Text

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All of the buttons on each page are named "SubmitButton". The label text determines the function of the button. When Aeon is installed, the state of the buttons is synced with the WebFormValues table located in the Customization Manager under Web Interface | Labels. Note that the table is empty by default so you will need to add a record for any buttons you wish to change. If you want to change the text of the button on a form, you must make the same text change in the WebFormValues table or you won't get a results page when the button is pressed.

Web Form Values

The WebFormValues table allows you to tell the Aeon DLL about changes made to the text buttons on the HTML pages. The structure and the field definitions for this table are as follows:

FormName This field shows which web page in Aeon is referenced by this entry.
SubmitButtonValue This field shows the default value of the button text. DO NOT change this field.
SubmitButtonText This field shows the changed value of the button text. This is the field you change when you make changes to the HTML.


On the Logon page, the button from a default installation reads "Logon to Aeon". If you wanted this to say just "Logon", then you would make two changes.

  • First, you would make the change on the HTML page, directly to the HTML text.
  • Second, you would make a change to the SubmitButtonText field in the WebFormValues table. This field would change to reflect the new text on the button.

You would also need to change the logon2.html page in this example since it is displayed if the user incorrectly enters username or password.


To find the values for the WebFormValues Table in the Customization Manager, open up the logon.html and/or the logon2.html page and loom for the associated lines of coding below.


In the code below, the Formname is "Logon"

<input type="hidden" name="AeonForm" value="Logon">
The Formname field should be Logon regardless if the submit button is on the logon.html or the logon2.html

Submit Button Value

In the code below, the Submit Button Value is "Logon to Aeon"

<input type="submit" name="SubmitButton" value="Logon to Aeon" class="f-submit" tabindex="0" />

Submit Button Text

In the code below, the Submit Button Text is "Login"

<input type="submit" name="SubmitButton" value="Login" class="f-submit" tabindex="0" />




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