ILLiad Known Issues


The following items have been reported by users and/or verified by support staff. If you have specific questions about any of these, please reference the ID when contacting support.

Atlas Systems makes every effort to ensure that all known issues are resolved before the next major release.

You can contact OCLC support at 800-848-5800 or

IDArea AffectedDescriptionCorrected In
7648AddonsThere is a typo in the WorldCat Local search addon 
6824Admin ToolsStaff Manager shows "ALL" when the logged in user is assigned a specific NVTGC8.5.0.0
6842Admin ToolsSSS Tool doesn't move ILL LenderAddress entries to new NVTGC8.5.0.0
6845Admin ToolsLocalInfo table is missing the Lending entry and there is no way to add it through Customization Manager. 
7063Admin ToolsStaff Manager crashes if there is no valid logon.dbc file present.
7496Admin ToolsLogon accounts with descriptions do not display properly in the Staff Manager8.5.0.0
3252Authentication (LDAP)Users with password from before implementing LDAP can login to the main ILL web directory after all shared server sites have converted to LDAP because the web uses the global WebAuthType customization key versus the user's NVTGC value. 
6953Authentication (LDAP)DualAuth solution of LDAP and ILLiad does not work because the NewUserRegistration form sets the auto type to default versus ILLiad.
5885BillingBilling Manager will sometimes put a NULL into an InvoiceSessions' DateGenerated field which causes a "'//' is not a valid date" error message on startup8.5.0.0
6854BillingBilling Manager defaults to Reports tab versus non-invoiced tab.
7605BillingThe BillingManager reports were not updated for changes made to the database for the release8.5.0.0
8245Billing (EFTS)EFTS files need to have carriage return/line feeds removed from any data fields8.5.0.0
8445Billing (IFM)OCLC DLL failing when multiple IFM requests are sent in succession (within the ILLiad client using the addon). This was only found while running unit tests. This could not be duplicated when retrieving payment tokens individually in succession. 
8924CopyrightWhen processing copyright, the Pages field should not be set to the same value as the PhotoJournalInclusivePages if it is an integer8.5.0.0
6654DatabaseReading a key that has a default should return that default if the key has invalid data (versus only if the value is blank).
6830DatabaseThe main form queries are blocking SQL updates during execution. 
8960DatabaseShared Sites containing an @ symbol in the NVTGC/SQL Username are failing in Domain Logic8.5.0.0
4288DOCLINEClicking the 'Import Requests' button on FormDoclineLendingImporting before the page has loaded causes an unhandled exception. 
6235DOCLINEDocline Lending importing is not matching with existing lender addesses in Docline 4.9 
7057DOCLINEPages not imported during DOCLINE importing8.5.0.0
7101DOCLINEThere is a missing format parameter in DoclineBorrowingImporting8.5.0.0
7784Electronic Delivery (Article Exchange)Article Exhange for Borrowing can cause Connection Manager retry errors8.5.0.0

Electronic Delivery (Article Exchange) 

Internal Server Error when uploading documents to Article Exchange for requests with a non-numeric ILL number8.5.0.0
5396Electronic Delivery (Odyssey)Odyssey headers cause errors when parameters contain carriage return line feeds 
6637Electronic Delivery (Odyssey)
Odyssey is not normalizing Odyssey Addresses8.5.0.0
7062Electronic Delivery (Odyssey)
Odyssey Helper will load files from its backup directory and delete the entire backup folder when finished processing an image from the same folder. This only happens if you resend a file by changing the TransactionStatus but leave the file in the backup directory.
7495Electronic Delivery (Odyssey)
Odyssey Helper does not use the same base query for processing routing rules as the rest of ILLiad (it does not reference LenderAddresses).
7708Electronic Delivery (Odyssey)
OdysseyManager will revert the LenderAddressesOdysseyVersion field based on each individual communication8.5.0.0
7893Electronic Delivery (Odyssey)
OdysseyErrorStatus is updated immediately for failed sends versus trying five times.
8230Electronic Delivery (Odyssey)
Remove the OdysseyReminder customization key (no longer necessary).
8966Electronic Delivery (Odyssey)
When OdysseyAutoElecDel is Always, the request must still be processed manually if a lender address record does not yet exist for the site sending the material8.5.0.0
9337Electronic Delivery (Odyssey)In the Borrowing Electronic Delivery processing screen, the client cannot understand file names with PDF extensions (versus pdf), so it leaves them on the server. 
9338Electronic Delivery (Odyssey)If Odyssey Manager receives an "invalid" mime type (e.g. PDF vs pdf), it will still process it, but will corrupt the file. This is related to bug 9337 where a Lending library sends a PDF file and the ILLiad client does not rename it. 
2171Electronic Delivery (Scanning)On all scanning forms the crop/deskew etc buttons are greyed out 
8576Electronic Delivery (Scanning)Corrupted PDFs that cannot be loaded generate a single blank white page 
9355Electronic Delivery (Scanning)Some RapidX transmissions are resulting in issues when the document is loaded to the Electronic Delivery from on the borrowing side. Those files are TIFFs that were compressed JPEGs. 
6869E-mailSSLStartMode values set in SMTP.config are ignored and overridden using unseeded customization key value8.5.0.0
9171E-mailChange LendingOverdue3 email template to no longer say that a library will be blocked as that cannot happen automatically.
5319Graphical User InterfaceConfirm that all icons in client and other tools are the correct images and resolution. 
7264Graphical User InterfaceCheck In from Lending Library does not persist client form layouts8.5.0.0
7679Graphical User Interface

Changes made to the Item Information checkbox group do not persist

7715Graphical User InterfaceThe ordering of the MRUEdit on FormNote has changed, causing the notes to be oldest first instead of newest first.
7033InstallationDefault RapidManager.log.config file is not provided in fresh server installs 
7604InstallationShared Server Manager (only used by Atlas and OCLC) should copy email templates for new sites that are added8.5.0.0
7833InstallationShared Server Manager (only used by Atlas and OCLC) does not update all table permissions8.5.0.0
8296InstallationStaff Manager should have a default log.config provided during installation 
9273InstallationShared Server Manager (only used by Atlas and OCLC) - copying LenderAddresses not consistent 
9328InstallationNeed to change installer to use new SQL syntax for shrinking the transaction log at the 7am overwrite backup job. 
2010ISOISO will update the address even if ISOAutoUpdateAddress is set to No 
7180OCLCMARC 264 Field is not mapped to imprint field for incoming Lending OCLC requests.
9067OCLCThe Server SharedComponents.msi is missing the OCLC v1.0.0.0 dll8.5.0.0
6836OCLC Client InterfaceOCLC work form does not retain customizations to the layout8.5.0.0
7375OCLC Client InterfaceOCLC ILLiad link in client needs to be updated to stable URL8.5.0.0
7184OCLC Connection ManagerRequests imported from OCLC are replacing colons with semi-colons8.5.0.0
4230Patron Request Service
The patron request service is not properly decoding book requests. 
4231Patron Request Service
The patron request service get requests method is populating fields in the wrong order. 
4249Patron Request Service
The RTM Parser in the Patron Request Service is not returning the transaction status 
4408Patron Request Service
Remove the IsNullable attribute from the servicedetails and bibDetails elements in the patron request service 
9115Patron Request Service
Patron Request Service is missing Log4net dll to enable logging by default. 
2372PrintingMerge fields in a Word document that are inside text boxes are not recognized by the ILLiad client. So if all fields are in text boxes it tries to use the Legacy sheet because it doesn't see any field over 10 characters. 
6822PrintingWord doc for invoices sometimes does not merge correctly showing blank customer details8.5.0.0
6943PrintingUsing a filter that produces no results will still make Word appear8.5.0.0
7475PrintingLender Address Information not included when printing ALA request form 
9204PrintingWord mail merge data length limitations when saving as .xls file extension. This is rare and only if certain fields like request text are exceptionally long. 
9135RAPIDThe Rapid Manager performs full record updates when receiving new info about a transactions versus only updating the lender value.Rapid Manager
6774ReportingWeb Reports timeout when processing large amounts of data. 
7242ReportingLabels in Turnaround Time Report sometimes say Articles but should be Loans or Overall 
7656ReportingStaff Activity by Username is case sensitive for usernames8.5.0.0
7744ReportingSummary Items are not displayed in the Copyright web report 
7946ReportingTotal for Lending IFM Charges report is not shown 
5408Usability (Staff)DefaultShippingMethodLoan field is being cleared when updating addresses from OCLC 
6846Usability (Staff)Clicking the View button in the ribbon of the request form will not show the updated address like clicking the ... button does within the form. The data has been saved but is just not displaying properly.
6848Usability (Staff)If lender info is blank, you can still click the button to view it but get error8.5.0.0
6858Usability (Staff)The lender address is not printing on ALA workforms. 
7176Usability (Staff)High latency database connections can cause problems with forms being shown or hidden 
7740Usability (Staff)In order to increase application performance, change the advanced debug output setting to pdb-only for Release builds in all projects.
7742Usability (Staff)On the client user form, clicking outside of the Status or Department dropdowns after entering a custom value clears the value of the dropdown. 
8450Usability (Staff)Users with a cleared status of 'New' are automatically changed to not cleared when the user form is opened.
8529Usability (Staff)If the Mark As Found validation throws an error, the request form is still closed after clicking Mark Found8.5.0.0
8820Usability (Staff)LOCL Route Next Local isn't copying over the BorrowerNVTGC, BorrowerTN or the ILL Number8.5.0.0
8989Usability (Staff)Research and correct memory issues in client8.5.0.0
7064Web CircWebCirc returns invalid transaction when the transaction status is "Loans Recalled from Patrons"
8259Web CircChange Password in Web Circ does not work.
7094Web InterfaceDebug logging displays username and passwords when handling formstate.
7471Web InterfaceDLL in the main directory of a shared server installation does not process custom drop downs properly because it doesn’t know which list of options to display.
7721Default Web PagesFAQ page has unprocessed #INCLUDE tag and lacks CSS styling.
7727Default Web PagesLocalInfo tag is using the 'name' parameter instead of 'field' on the ElectronicDelivery and ElectronicDeliveryUndelete default web pages.
8228Default Web PagesThe link to FAQ.html in LendingFirstTime.html should be LendingFAQ.html8.5.0.0
8229Default Web PagesElectronicDeliveryInformation.html referenced by the LendingFirstTime.html page does not exist (and is irrelevant).
8993Default Web PagesThe default web pages don't have the JQuery UI CSS referenced 
9329Default Web PagesJavascript reference in include_head.html missing https (SSL) in default web pages. All default web pages should use protocol relative URLs for external resources.
9061Web PlatformWebPlatform is using the wrong OCLC UserAgent 
5462Z39.50The Z39.50 search grid does not fully support custom filtering for the availability, call number, holdings, and location columns8.5.0.0
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