Manually Clearing the Electronic Delivery Processing Form

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If items appear to be "stuck" on the Electronic Delivery Processing Form and, for whatever reason, they cannot be processed and delivered electronically, you can manually clear the screen. Performing this action will erase ALL Items on the Electronic Delivery Processing form. You will want to process all legitimate Electronic Delivery items through the system before doing this. Only the "stuck" item(s) should be visible on the screen.

Clearing the Form

When nothing is left on the Electronic Delivery Processing form but the file that doesn't really exist, go to the Borrowing Ribbon and click the lower half of the Electronic Delivery icon in the Receive Requests group. Click the Clear Electronic Delivery Files command on the dropdown panel.

This should clear any stuck items on the screen and ready the client for the next Electronic Delivery file import from Odyssey.

Routing the Stuck Transactions

Once the Electronic delivery items are cleared the status of the transaction is unaffected. They will still be at a status of In Electronic Delivery Processing.

The suggested means of dealing with a request like this would be to open the Request Form (by double-clicking the status and choosing the individual transaction) and route it to the appropriate status.

The status to which you route this transaction will depend upon what needs to happen in order to complete the transaction. To place a note on it detailing what has happened and/or what is being done.


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