Importing Loansome Doc Requests from the Docline Web Page


Downloading Loansome Doc Requests

  • Log into Docline. If you have any Loansome Doc Requests to download, they will appear from your DoclineHome page.
  • From the Docline main menu, select Loansome Doc Requests Awaiting Receipt.
  • You will go to a page containing all of the information for the Loansome Doc Requests. Type Ctrl+A to highlight all the requests, then Ctrl+C to copy them.

Importing Loansome Doc Requests

  • Go into ILLiad and select the Import Requests | Docline from the Borrowing Ribbon on the Main Page.
  • The system will grab the copied requests and import them into ILLiad.
  • You should then receive a message telling you the download is complete and how many records were downloaded.
  • When importing Docline requests, publisher information appears in the Item Author/Publisher field on the Article tab of the borrowing request form.

You can import Docline requests from the clipboard (e.g., from a separate browser window) by copying the request text and clicking Import from Clipboard on the Docline Borrowing tab. The request information is correctly imported to the Request form.

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