Docline Reasons for No


The Reasons for No display can be found in two locations on the Borrowing Request Form:

  1. On the Detail page under the Imported Request tab.
  2. On the OCLC page, under the Holdings tab in the Previous Requests box.

The LendingReasonsForCancellation table located in the Customization Manager at Lending | Cancellations translates the user-friendly text in the Reason field of the table to OCLC, DOCLINE and ISO ILL codes for updating those items. ILLiad uses the numerical value versus the text value for the OCLC Code because those reasons are also used when canceling ISO ILL requests, and ISO uses numerical values. Note that the numerical reasons for 21 and 22 are not used by ISO and that 25 and 26 are not used by any system. See Lending Reasons for Cancellation for more information.

Docline Cancellations

The possible codes that Docline allows are below. The reason dropdown will not be correctly filled out if any other codes are entered as the DoclineCode.

See OCLC Reasons For No for a complete table with corresponding OCLC reasons.

Code Reason
BDY At Bindery
CAN* Cancelled
COP* Needs copyright compliance
CST* Cost exceeds limit
EXL Exceeds copy limit
INC* Not found as cited
LAC Lacking (Issue/Volume)
LIC License restriction
LOS Lost
NCR Non-circulating
NOS Not on shelf
NOT Not owned (Title)
NYR Not Yet Received
ORD On Order
OTH Other
POR Poor condition
PRO In Process
USE In Use
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