Automatic Location: Setting Up Lookup for Lending


You can configure the Rapid Manager to automatically search for holdings and location information for lending requests. See Rapid Lending and Rapid Borrowing articles for more details on this workflow. To allow for automatic location lookup, you will need to configure some settings in the ILLiad Customization Manager:

  1. You must have the RapidManagerActive key set to Yes. The RapidManagerActiveLending key does not need to be on for this to work.
  2. If you want the option to manually route items to this queue, create a custom queue called Awaiting RAPID Holdings Lookup. This is a system queue that the Rapid Manager will use to look for local holdings.
  3. Create a routing rule that specifies the items you want to send to the Awaiting RAPID Holdings Lookup queue. You must create this routing rule in order for this functionality to work.

    RuleNo The next sequential number value in the routing table.
    RuleActive Yes
    ProcessType Lending
    TransactionStatus Awaiting Lending Request Processing
    NewProcessType Lending
    NewTransactionStatus Awaiting RAPID Holdings Lookup
    RuleDescription Moves ALL Lending requests

See Creating Custom Queues and Configuring Routing Rules for information on creating queues and routing rules.

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