Moving Email Routing Templates

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If you have Email Routing rules, as of ILLiad 8.6 the email templates associated with the routing rules must be stored in the ILLiad Customization Manager. You can move your templates to the Customization manager either before or after updating to ILLiad 8.6.

See Moving Email Templates AFTER Updating to ILLiad 8.6 for more information about moving email templates. See Email Routing for more information about email routing.

Moving Email Templates Part 1


Moving Email Templates Part 2


Moving Templates Before Updating

To move an Email Routing rule template:

  1. Find which .txt template the Email Routing rule is using. This file name will be in the FileNameLoan and FileNameArticle fields in the EMailRouting table under System | EMail | EMailRouting in the ILLiad Customization Manager.
  2. Once you know which template you are looking for, identify the location of the template, found in the EMailLocation key under System | EMail | EMailLocation.
  3. Open the .txt file to view your template.
  4. In the ILLiad Customization Manager, click on the E-mail Templates tab.
  5. Add a new template by clicking New.
  6. Name the new template the name of the .txt file. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE .TXT IN THE NAME.
  7. Add a description for the template.
  8. Copy (Ctrl + C) the text of the .txt template and paste (Ctrl + V) it into the main message area in the new template.
  9. Click Save.

Make sure to use the file name from the Email Routing entry INCLUDING the .TXT. This will ensure that the ILLiad updater recognized the template and that it will update your field tags. For example, if you have an Email Routing template named Recall.txt, when you create the new template in the ILLiad Customization Manager you will need to name it Recall.txt.

After you update, if you want to you can remove the .txt from the Template name and from the Email Routing entry. The .txt in the name is only needed when updating to make sure the tags are updated.


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