Moving Email Templates BEFORE Updating to ILLiad 8.6


Doing these updates BEFORE updating to ILLiad 8.6 will save you editing time after updating. During the ILLiad 8.6 update, all email templates that exist in the ILLiad Customization Manager will be automatically updated and tags will be changed to the new format.

Templates Already in the Customization Manager

The following email templates should already exist in the ILLiad 8.5 Customization Manager, and they will be converted to the new format when you update to 8.6. You don't need to make any changes to these templates unless you want to take the opportunity to review them.

See Creating and Editing Email Templates for ILLiad 8.5 documentation on these templates.

Overdue Emails

  • BorrowingOverdue1
  • BorrowingOverdue2
  • BorrowingOverdue3
  • BorrowingOverdueReminder
  • LendingOverdue1
  • LendingOverdue2
  • LendingOverdue3
  • LendingOverdueReminder

Article Exchange

  • ArticleExchangeLendingNotification

Notification Emails

  • ILLArticleNotify
  • ILLArticleDeliveryNotify
  • ILLLoanNotify
  • ILLLoanDeliveryNotify
  • ILLDDArticleNotify
  • ILLDDArticleDeliveryNotify
  • ILLDDLoanNotify
  • ILLDDLoanDeliveryNotify

Move Before Updating

These directions are for the default email templates that are automatically used by ILLiad. If you have created custom email templates, you will need to follow the directions in this video.

You can add the following email templates to your ILLiad 8.5 Customization Manager before updating to ILLiad 8.6.

Old txt File Name New 8.5 CustMan Name
clearcust.txt ClearedCustomer
autoclearcust.txt AutoClearedCustomer
mergecus.txt MergedCustomer
disavow.txt DisavowedCustomer
passwordreset.txt BorrowingPasswordReset
lendpasswordreset.txt LendingPasswordReset
cancel.txt Cancellation
cancel.txt DocDelCancellation
lendingcancel.txt LendingCancellation
  1. Locate the .txt file that contains your email template. You can find the location of your .txt email templates in the EMailLocation key under System | EMail | EMailLocation in the ILLiad Customization Manager.
  2. Once you have located the .txt file and are ready to move it, in the Customization Manager click the E-mail Templates tab.
  3. Click New.
  4. Fill in the Name (from the table above under the "New 8.5 CustMan Name" column).
  5. Fill in a Description for the email template.
  6. Fill in the body of the email from the old .txt template. You can easily copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) from the .txt file to the Customization Manager.
  7. Click Save.

Move After Updating

Electronic Delivery

Although you can move most templates before updating to ILLiad 8.6, you will need to wait until after updating before moving the Electronic Delivery emails. Once you have updated to 8.6, you will see that the following email templates have been added automatically to the ILLiad Customization Manager:

  • Borrowing Electronic Delivery
  • Doc Del Electronic Delivery

Both of these emails previously used the elecdel.txt file, and can now be customized based on Process type. You can either 1) use the default email template text provided by ILLiad, 2) edit the text manually, or 3) locate the elecdel.txt file and copy it in to the Customization Manager.

If you copy an old .txt template into the ILLiad Customization Manager after updating to 8.6, you will need to use the new tag format of <#table.fieldname>. For example, <#Transaction.LoanTitle> instead of the old format of <#LoanTitle>. You can do this easily by right-clicking anywhere in the email template body and selecting the appropriate field.


After updating, the cancellation email templates:

  • Cancellation
  • DocDelCancellation
  • LendingCancellation

will split and create templates for loans and articles. They will become:

  • Borrowing Cancellation Loan
  • Borrowing Cancellation Article
  • Doc Del Cancellation Loan
  • Doc Del Cancellation Article
  • Lending Cancellation Loan
  • Lending Cancellation Article

Both templates will use the original Cancellation email template that existed before the update. If you want to edit them based on document type, you can do that now.

Password Reset Link

If you moved the Borrowing Password Reset and Lending Password Reset templates before updating, you may need to make a small adjustment to these templates after updating.

  1. Open the Borrowing Password Reset and/or Lending Password Reset template and look for the following tag:

    <#ACTION action="10" form="85" value="PasswordResetID" valueType="lookup" 
    absolutePath="true" includeSessionID="false">
  2. If this tag is present, replace it with the following tag:

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