How do I customize the logo that displays on the staff interface generated PDF coverpage?


Environment: Tested with ArchivesSpace version 2.4.1 on Windows 10 Local Test Server

This article describes how to customize the logo that displays on PDFs generated in the staff user interface using the Print Resource to PDF option under Export menu on a Resource record.


  1. Put the logo image into archivesspace\stylesheets directory.  The default logo is 289 x 80 so something similar in size is probably best.
  2. Edit the as-ead-pdf.xsl file to change the image being used from the default archivesspace.small.png to the file loaded in step 1.  Here is the code to edit:  <xsl:template name="icon">
    <fo:block text-align="left" margin-left="-.75in" margin-top="-.5in">
    <fo:external-graphic src="archivesspace.small.png" content-height="75%" content-width="75%"/>
  3. Save the file.
  4. Test it by opening a resource and clicking export to PDF.


Other resources:  (ArchivesSpace Member Documentation on Print to PDF.) (requires login for ASpace members) Staff side PDFs are not being generated correctly when the installation is on a Windows server (bug) Atlas documentation on Exporting a Resource Record (requires login for Atlas hosted customers)






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