Running the Client Installer (v5.0 and prior)

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Once you have the Client Setup file on your local machine, follow the screen-by-screen steps below to install the Aeon Client for v5.0 and prior. See Installing the Aeon Client for more information.

The Client installer has been modified to work with the issue in Windows 7 that caused installations to fail if the installation was not performed using Administrator privileges. If you do not begin the installation by selecting Run as administrator, you will be prompted to enter Admin credentials before the installer runs. If you are using Windows 7, you should say Yes to this option. If a client has been installed from the desktop using Administrator privileges, client updates within a major version will not require Administrator privileges. 

You will also be prompted to enter Admin credentials if you elect to open the SQL Alias Manager when the installation is complete as you will not be allowed to run the SAM without escalating to Admin privileges.

  1. Click the Client Setup icon to start the Installer. If you are going to run the installer as an Administrator, right-click the file and select Run as Administrator. You are greeted by a Welcome screen.
  2. Setup Type. Choose your setup type: either Complete or Custom. Complete installs all Client components and supporting applications to the default location (C:\Program Files\Aeon\). Custom allows you to select the features and the location where you want to install the Aeon Client.
  3. Ready to Install Aeon Client. Provides an opportunity to go back and review or change any of your installation settings. If you did not run the install as admin, you will be prompted to enter admin credentials before the installer will continue.
  4. Progress Dialog. Shows the installation progress via a green progress bar.
  5. Installation Complete. Notifies you that the Client installation is complete. If you want to open the SQL Alias Manager, check the box next to Launch SQL Alias Manager. Shortcuts for Client components are installed to the desktop (Aeon Client, Customization Manager, Staff Manager, and SQL Alias Manager) and various web components are installed (dll, web platform, GetVersionInfo, Get BuildInfo). If you did not elect to run the client installer as an administrator you will again be prompted to enter Admin credentials. You will not be allowed to run the SAM without escalating to Admin privileges.


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